Why Does Canada’s Favorite Online Casino Use a Foreign Company?

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It is only natural to think of Canadian websites when hearing the phrase “best online casino Canada,” just as Canadian land-based casinos are widely regarded as among the best in the world. However, the current approach and level of regulation in Canada place its monopolized online casinos far behind the quality of foreign online casinos, which remain the most popular option for Canadian players.

As a result, the best online casinos are those that are provided by companies based outside of Canada that have researched and adapted to the Canadian public.

What Are the Officially Licensed Online Casinos in Canada Missing?

To begin with, only a few states and provinces allow their residents to legally gamble online. These offer video slot machines, online virtual table games, and even some bonuses to entice new players to sign up. However, the quality and variety of those features are on par with those of other less interesting online casinos.

To put it another way, the federal government and Canada’s various provincial governments have yet to agree on how to regulate online gambling. While this is happening, certain provinces have a monopoly on them, just as they do on lotteries, which can also be played elsewhere and provide access to dozens of different lottery games from around the world.

The first and most important step is to open the market to competition, which consists of other online casinos that have already won over the vast majority of Canadian players. The government will then collect taxes from Canada’s best online casino as well as any other online casino that applies for a license there. This will happen as public online casinos strive to catch up to the level of competition.

How to Find the Most Trustworthy Online Casino in the Canadian Market

Links to official and provincial online casinos are prominently displayed on the websites of their respective local jurisdictions, but this is not the case with international online casinos. They have licenses in other states, and it is usually necessary to do some research to find them. There are two approaches to consider:

A time-consuming task

conducting a search using keywords related to online casinos that accept Canadian players can yield a large number of results. On the other hand, understanding how to evaluate them can be difficult at times.

Review websites

There are specialized websites that review and grade casinos for the general public or the Canadian public. These review websites are available on the internet.

Those looking to save time and avoid the risk of depositing money into an unknown casino will find that referring to specialized websites is more effective. After all, it is usually the responsibility of more experienced Canadian players to evaluate them.

What qualities should an internet casino have to be considered the best in Canada?

To be considered the best option for Canadian players, an online casino must demonstrate its worth after being evaluated using a variety of criteria. Again, using a website designed specifically for the purpose should make things easier. The performance of provincial online casinos must be raised to the same level as that of leading online casinos in other countries, as measured by the following criteria:

When people realized they could double or triple their deposits with bonuses not available in land-based casinos, online casinos quickly became popular. Land-based casinos do not offer bonuses or promotions. As a result, those transactions must be evaluated.

Games and variety: it is important to have a variety of games to keep the players entertained with something worth their time and money, and both the number of games and the quality of those games are important. The greater the number of high-quality service providers, the better.


Making sure that deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly and efficiently contributes significantly to the overall quality of the user experience.


Nowadays, having a mobile-responsive platform is required, and having an exclusive app for both iOS and Android is a plus.

Security and licensing

Every online casino, regardless of jurisdiction, must have a security certificate and a license to protect its customers’ personal information and financial transactions.

Last Things to Contemplate

Canadian players have the right to play on the best website that can provide them with the conditions they need to have fun while gambling in a safe and risk-free environment. Unfortunately, the local options fall short of meeting the criteria for “optimal” in terms of resources and variety. Instead, foreign companies provide players with fully customized websites that use their currency, Canadian payment methods, and much more. The foreign companies themselves provide these websites to players.

Unless the Canadian government implements a serious proposal to change the way online casinos are regulated, the government will continue to lose money that could be collected in taxes.