International Online Casinos

There are different types of online casinos which will offer main or jumbo jackpots as well as endorsements which will run for a quite a number of days (in most cases, a month). Every time they are games, they turn out to be more and more widespread to the extent that they have taken the form of reality shows and actions such as, American Idol in addition to Celebrity Apprentice. The mother of all these events presently is the international online casino games and is in fact in its 5th year thanks to the online casino group commonly referred to as Fortune Lounge.

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The very first international online casino game was held in 2005 and it has not looked back ever since. The tradition has been carried continued with each year which in turn has increased its popularity to unsurpassed levels. All online casinos that are affiliated to Fortune Lounge usually hold this event on the web and runs for a couple of months. There are numerous prizes that are usually up for grabs, for example, a ticket for two to a luxurious cruise that usually comes as a result of accumulating a number of allegiance marks as well as casino credits. The winners alongside their spouses are taken on a big cruise there are also monetary prizes that are for grabs amongst other prizes that have been set aside for winners. You will notice that the pool rewards are nothing short exceptional. During the initial competition of international online casino, the first 4 turns saw a sum of four hundred double tickets being won and the monetary prizes have now reached historic levels of 1 million euros.

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The years between 2005 and 2006 were the maiden international casino games introductions were held. The Caribbean Princes Liner was the ship which carried ninety five fortunate gamers on a week-long cruise back in 2006. There were numerous activities taking place, for example, tanning, drinking on top of shopping that were held in secluded cabanas discovered along the stop-offs. The game was eventually played and the person who won was none other than Debbie H who took home a total prize of $250,000 whereas the consultation prizes were tagged at $5,000 and $1,000 in that order.