Blackjack Dealer Tells

Blackjack dealer tells work best in brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos that provide live dealers, but they are ineffective when it comes to basic online blackjack settings. Many people believe that they can adequately 'read' the dealer, much like in the game of poker, in order to determine the hand the dealer is holding.

Learning Dealer Tells

No matter how stone-faced a blackjack dealer may be, almost every dealer has a 'tell'--or some sort of body language that gives away their hand. Many players find that the best way to learn a specific dealer's tell is to spend some time watching them at their tables without actually playing the game. This is easiest in brick-and-mortar casinos, although watching a live blackjack dealer in an online casino may be just as productive. Once the player has become familiar with a particular dealer's body language, they can very easily determine what type of hand the dealer has.

Universal Dealer Tells

In many cases, dealers exhibit some of the same behaviors depending on the card that they have in the hole. For instance, if the dealer has a hole card valued at two through six, they will often hold the card up high and study it for more than a second. On the contrary, dealers who have a face card in the hole often hold it down very low and only give it a slight glance. Some dealers may be exceptions to these rules, so it is very important for players to be observant and to learn each dealer's body language separately from others.

Although dealer tells are very good ways for players to adequately gauge which cards a dealer may be holding, it is worth mentioning that this strategy is never a guarantee. Any blackjack dealer is perfectly capable of pulling a bluff.