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Playing live Blackjack at Global Live Casino helps relive the memories of yester years when you played this engaging game of chance at your favorite land-based casino. The entire atmosphere of a real casino is brought live to those playing live from their homes.

The advanced gaming technology used by Global Live Casino allows players to play against real people at a brick-and-mortar casino somewhere in Europe; and not on lifeless computers with software handling everything.

These real casinos where live blackjack is broadcast from are fully licensed casinos, registered according to the rules of the host country. This means you, as a player are playing live black jack at a legal casino where gambling is allowed.

What is amazing about the whole thing is ? you are doing all this without stepping out of your house. Something like this would have seemed too good to be true just a few years back, but things have advanced a lot over the years.

You must have watched live football and tennis as it played on the field in some country. Playing live blackjack at Global Live Casino is even better as you are not just watching a game in progress; you are also participating and interacting with live dealers who deal the cards. You can hear them calling and the background noise in the casino can be heard too. Believe me; at Global Live Casino, you are at a real casino table playing your favorite game!